Sunday, October 24, 2010

Abby's Pictures

When Abigail was trying to take pictures of the horses (see Post below) the camera kept saying 'low battery'. My first thought was "oh great, she must have left the camera on because those are new batteries." It wasn't until we got home and I was downloading the few pictures that I was able to take that I realized that we have a young photographer in the making. I found close to a hundred pictures and several videos that she's taken in about a week's span. Most of the pictures include a finger or two but I did find a few decent ones that I thought that people would enjoy.

Here she's trying a self photo shoot (she has over a dozen of these types);

A good one of Daryl;

Not sure why the closet;

And one of me when we were making chocolate and banana milk;

She had quite a few pictures of Sarah but last time I shared one without her permission my tool allowance got cut drastically. It's fun to see her get all excited about taking pictures and since it's Sarah's old camera we're not worried about her breaking it (Sarah told me that it was broken so we got her a new one. Hmmm, I wonder how "broken" it really was?? ;)

Sunday Pictures

Abigail and I are recovering from colds so we skipped church (so we wouldn't get the other kids sick too). We watched some movies and went for a ride on the motorcycle down to our neighbor's house to see his horses. He's a great neighbor and lets us feed his horses carrots and pears and even put Abby on the back of one. When we were getting ready to go see the horses Abigail grabbed her camera and wanted to bring it along. Good thinking Abby!

Here is the picture that she took;

Here are some of her with them;

She has gotten a lot braver although one did startle her when he nibble her fingers. Abby told me that she now wants a horse. I keep telling her that we have iron horses in the garage and workshop and those are enough.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Trip to Maine Pics

Well, I'm back home safe and sound. Thanks to those that let me crash at their houses and sorry to those that I didn't get a chance to see. The main reason for going back home was to visit my grandpa who isn't doing so well. I probably should have waited until they went down to Florida for the winter but I didn't. I experienced the Maine fall with all of its colors and cool weather. I also experienced quite a bit of rain. Altogether I put on an additional 3400 miles +/- on the bike.

Here's Franconia Notch, NH. One of the nice riding days.

Riding around New Vineyard, ME.

My cute niece.

It was a great trip. Hmmmm, where should I go next year?