Friday, November 26, 2010

Just Some Pics

Just a few pictures that were taken this past week or so.

It's been cold these last couple of days but still Abigail insists on going outside. Thank you cousin Cameron for the new jacket!:

Spending time with her best friend Liberty:

Practicing her photography:

Here she is showing her independence and insisting on helping me clean my shop. I sweep the dirt into a pile and then she comes along and vacuums it up. I should have taken a picture of her organizing her work bench after I cleaned mine. It's funny how kids try to copy the things that we do.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Cutie

Sarah and Abigail returned from their trip to Maine so I was able to retrieve the camera in order to blog (I don't do anything too interesting that would be blog worthy). Here's some of Abby.

Not too impressed with Dad:

Getting up close and personal:

Another one of her self potraits:

Here is a documentary that she made about lunch time with Mommy:

She's such a cutie!