Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our New House and the Move

The moment that our offer was accepted on the house we knew that since we were moving ourselves we needed to start packing early. We took our time filling a box here and a box there, packing things that we didn't need or use much. The hard part was that we needed to find places for these boxes. At first we just tucked them in corners of rooms or closets but when we were almost all packed Abigail ended up losing her play area. The actual move went great. Some friends helped us pack and clean and it went pretty quickly. The Silva's watched Abigail the whole day for us. Their little boy was very excited to have a playmate.
The only major hiccup was that Penske was FOUR hours late in getting our truck but hey, what's moving without a few headaches. Here's some pictures;

Abigail helping us label the boxes:

She was really excited about driving:

The trip went pretty smoothly. Abigail was excited that Daryl was riding with her and that helped keep her calm most of the time. Sarah also pointed out every cow, motorcycle and big truck along the way. The top speed of the moving truck was 72 mph so that kept us from getting any tickets (they have a speed limiter in these newer trucks). A friend who moved up here a week before we did came by to help us move the big things off from the truck, which was a big help. One of our first purchases for the new house was an invisible fence for Daryl. After receiving a few shocks he's starting to learn the property boundaries. It has also actually helped to make him a bit more obedient too.
What was the first thing to get hung up in the new house? But of course, the John Deere clock. Thanks Grammie!

What was the second? But of course, the painting that Sarah hates.

After putting up those items we hung pictures in the main part of the house. What a difference. The house is starting to feel like a home when the walls aren't bare.

We would have some nice pictures of the colorful leaves in our trees but it's been windy and rainy this week and the leaves are mostly gone from the trees.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sea World '09

I know that we're about a month behind but here are a few of the pictures that we took of our Sea World trip. When we started out to San Antonio we encountered some rain and we thought that the whole trip would be a waste. The clouded skies actually helped out. The air was cooler and the lines were pretty short. It sprinkled a couple of times while we were walking around but nothing too drastic.

Here's Sarah enjoying one of the rides:

Abby and Sarah hanging out at the dolphin tank:

Waiting for Shamu:

We were a little apprehensive since Abby doesn't like to sit and wait but it all worked out. She loved to watch the animals and got really excited when Shamu and friends jumped out of the water. Remember how Abby likes to crawl on the ground and pretend she's a puppy? Well, while walking from an exhibit she laid down on the ground and kicked her legs pretending to be a dolphin or killer whale. She got a few chuckles from passersby. She also tried to run up to every baby stroller that we saw yelling "Baby! Baby!".
When we left to go home we didn't even get out of Sea World's parking lot before Abby fell asleep. I guess the excitement and walking around tuckered her out.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Update...

I know that we've talked to most of our family members since arriving here in Missouri. I just wanted to post a few things that has been happening.

We realized that the success rate of unpacking boxes and trying to organize the house with an almost two year old decreases the closer that you approach lunch time or nap time. Also every open box that you are trying to empty will have objects that you took out minutes before, reappear in them.

Today I was down cellar trying to fix the pantry shelves. Abigail was down there with me since Sarah was going to take off to get a few things from the grocery store. I had opened a box of Cheese Nips for her so that she could have a snack. While trying to measure a board I hear "Dadda, all done. Dadda, all done." from Abby. With my back to her I said, "Okay." and I kept on measuring. When she said it to me the second time the parenting 'six sense' started to tingle. I went over to her and noticed that she had dumped out the whole box of crackers around her and was holding up the empty box saying, "Dadda, all done."

Sarah caught Abigail eating Kix off from the floor with Daryl. She loves to pretend that she's a puppy. Of course she usually does it at the most inconvenient time like at Wally World, the Mall, or any other store especially when you're in a hurry.

We've found out that we don't get ANY channels on T.V. with our rabbit ears. So much for wanting to live away from Post. I guess I'll have to follow football season play by play on and yell at the computer.

We finally put up Abby's swing. Out of our dozen trees that we have only ONE has branches suitable for the swing. Of course it's half way across the front lawn. At least we have a front lawn.

The workshop is quite nice. I have a shed where the lawn mower and yard tools will go. The garage portion is big enough to fit MANY motorcycles.

Abby's vocabulary is getting bigger. Of course her still has her favorite words but when prompted she'll say a few more. The other day she was saying a word but I wasn't quite getting it. Of course you try to say things that sound like what she's saying and she'll tell you if you got it or not. At first I got all proud because I thought she was trying to say 'Army' but after about ten minutes of this Sarah came to my rescue. "She's trying to say 'Emily'." Sarah said, explaining that they talked to her and Cameron earlier that day.

Once we get our camera batteries recharged we'll take some pictures of Abigail and the house. On Monday the Army is giving me ten days of free leave to set the house up. By then Sarah will get tired of me and push me to go back to work.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sneak Peek of two year pics

Doll Face :)
Soo scared of the photographer, but looking soo cute :)

Our little show girl!

We have more to come, just waiting to get our cd. Stay tuned for more pictures of our soon to be two year old princess.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Random Pictures

I found these pictures on Sarah's camera. I'm not sure where they were taken but I'm sure that people don't really care as long as Abigail is in them.

Toting around Mama's purse:

Next best thing to babies, PUPPIES!!:

Looking pretty in her chair:

Sarah wrote about Abby hanging out in the bucket:

Just looking pretty:

Playing on the playground which also had water to play in: