Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Austin Zoo

On Monday went went to the zoo. Abby loves to look all the animals. We walked around for at least three hours. We went with some of our friends and had a great time with them too. Here our some pictures from our adventure

Abigail loved feeding the goat.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Hilarious Blog...

I don't know how many know of this blog but it is hilarious. It's called The Meanest Mom and she writes about her life experiences dealing with 4 children 6 yrs old and younger. Here's the link: http://themeanestmom.blogspot.com/ enjoy!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thinking of a New Car...

When I left to come here to Iraq we got rid of the neon. It was a hard thing to do. It had been with us for quite awhile and we (or I) considered it part of our family. It was the first car that Sarah and I bought together. It ended up with over 190,000 miles on it so it was put to good use. Well since I'm here and I have a little bit of free time on my hands I decided to start looking for another car. I do have my motorcycle but Abby is too young to ride on back of it.

Now, I could have started looking through consumer reports or ask a mechanic what their opinion was but I wanted expert advice. Where do you get such advice? The internet of course. The internet is where all the smart people are. Such important information is passed so frequently from person to person. Advice of all kinds can be found there. Marriage advice, fitness advice, political advice, pet advice,... forget the household chores, start surfing the 'net. Not only can you get such great advice from the internet but you can buy EVERYTHING on the internet too.

So, being the genius that I am, I decided to look on the 'net and see what kind of cars people were selling. I found so many that I can't make up my mind what to get. I've narrowed it down to a few favorites. Now this is where I'm calling for the expert advice of the people who surf the internet. I need help choosing which one to get. Vote for your favorite one in the comment section!

#1 - Can't you see Abby with her little helmet and goggles as we cruise to the grocery store?

#2 - I was thinking that I would fit in really well here in Texas.

#3 - This truck would be a little easier to get in and out of.

#4 - Can you say family car? Room for Sarah, Abby and the dogs.

#5 - Yes, another truck.

VOTE NOW!! Or if you have a link to another one that I might like, email me and I'll post it for consideration.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Special People...

Abigail has some special people in her life that very few of us have. They've sent some really cool gifts which Abby loves. Here she is with her new purse and shoes that Mum Brandi-Anne sent:

Thanks Mum Brandi-Anne and Grammie Donna for your love and support. We love you!

More Visitors...

My mother and brother, Azriel, went down to Texas to visit Sarah and Abigail shortly after Amanda and Jeff did. My mother said that it was nice to get into a warmer climate and just relax. Here are a few pictures of their visit.

Sarah and Abby at the zoo:

Grammie and Abby:

Grammie, Azriel, and Abby:

Of course the week flew right back and they had to return to cold and snowy New England. I'm sure that they tried to fill their pockets with sun and warm weather to take with them.
Oh yeah, Azriel got accepted to BYU Hawaii. I think that he's accepting bids for whomever would like to be his roommate during the winter months. He said that he's only accepting cash. (Actually, i just made that up.)