Friday, October 31, 2008

I am so glad when daddy comes!

Boy was Abby excited when she saw her Daddy walk out from the terminal! She went right to him. I am ever so thankful for the internet and being able to have web cam. So that we are able to look at him on a regular bases. We are so grateful to have this precious time together. We stayed home tonight and handed out candy together. Abby loved looking at the children in their costumes.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Aunt Amanda's and Uncle Jeff's Home

On our way to Maine. Thanks for letting me get a nap that Sunday and having the evening off. Abby loved the time that we spent with you.
Abigail loved all her gifts and is grateful. She is still trying to eat the ice cream soap at bath time!

I can really sum up there home as a fun house for Miss Abby. She was able to eat what she wanted, go to bed when she felt like it, and pretty much get away with everything. And Aunt Amanda even took us shopping which is one of Abby's favorite things to do. As we were heading out the door to go back home for the last time. Abby had a death grip on Aunt Amanda. I don't think she wanted the spoiling to end. I promised her we would come back. We miss and love you both, thanks for letting us crash at your home!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pemiquid Point Lighthouse

Great Grammie and Abby

We visited with my grandmother on the coast. Abby loved the taste of the ocean water. And walking on the rocks. She did really well sitting there for the pictures. It was a beautiful day for the beach. We haven't made our way all the way home yet. When we do more pictures are to come.