Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our New Addition

Well, here we are folks. After putting on more than a million miles on our mini-van and what seemed like weeks of being on the road, we made our voyage to Maine and back and we have a child to prove it. Here is our new pride and joy, Miss Abigail Anne;

She weighed in at 8 lbs 7 oz and was 21" long. She has been a real trooper and has put up with two brand new parents who had to learn how to put diapers on and how to dress a wiggling, fussing baby. Mid-night feedings were a joy and after being poked in the ear by a half asleep dad, she learned to turn towards the bottle being jabbed at her. She would play the occasional trick of waiting until her diaper was off to go pee but her parents are quick learners and catch on fast. We now prepare things ahead of time.

She sleeps for about 3-4 1/2 hrs at a time we gives her weary parents enough time crash and burn for a bit to gather enough strength to do it again. The advantage of being bottle fed is that Sarah and I can take turns feeding Abigail at night. The hard part is that instead of having one parent who is well rested and can make rational decisions and one burnt out parent, Abigail had to put up with two semi rested and slightly toasted parents. I'm not sure which way is better. I do know that I can sleep in the mini-van, anyone's couch, and at the check line at Wal-Mart because there are always 50 people in line and only 3 registers open at a time.

Since being born she as experienced Wal-Mart, McDonalds, snow, her crazy cousins, Panera Bread, AC/DC, art school, Daryl and Toby, ten different states, and all in 3 weeks!

It's been crazy! We came how Monday night, carried in some essentials and crashed. Our house looks like a disaster. We suddenly have so much baby gear, thanks to our generous friends and family, and a little two bedroom ranch that doesn't have much closet space.

But do you know what is awesome,... snuggle time. When they snuggle themselves into a ball in your arms and you both pass out. It's been a long time coming for Sarah and I to have our own child and we feel very blessed and honored that Abigail's birth mother chose us to adopt her.

Thanks to all of our family and friends who have been putting up with us, helping us out, and being there for us. You guys are awesome!