Thursday, November 20, 2008

Abigail's Birthday

Abigail is about a month old in this picture.
Abby's giftJosiah put it together while she took her nap.

I am not sure who liked playing with it more.

She loves the music that it plays from the toaster/radio.

What is cooking Abby?

Josiah made her lasagna for dinner. She loved it. She also enjoyed her cupcake as well. We were all so happy that Josiah could be home for Abby's 1st birthday. Happy Birthday Abigail!

Abigail's Birthday Party

At the end of a very long day!

Blowing out the candles!

Playing with my new toys.

I love the tissue paper!

One of my birthday cakes.

Abigail had a blast at her birthday party. She plays with her toys and loves the new outfits and shoes she received. Thanks to everyone that came. Thank You for all the wonderful gifts!

Abigail's One Year Photos

Abigail just loves having her picture taken. We had these taken the same day as our family ones. Sorry it took me so long to get them blogged.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saying Goodbye

We drove Josiah to the airport on Saturday morning. Abby waved goodbye from the car as he walked into the airport. We all had a blast while he was home. Abigail was able to have her daddy home for her 1st birthday. I will be posting pictures of that and some of the other things we did while he was home.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Visiting New Hampshire

One of Aunt Mikhaela's paintings. Thanks for sharing with us!
Having a blast with Aunt Mikhaela! She was even kind enough to share her food with me!
Trying to hug the camera.

Cousin Cameron and Uncle Jon came with us to have some great food and great company. Cameron loved Aunt Mikhaela's room!

This was on the way back. The trees were more of a rustic color. On the way they very bright colors. I will blog more of those in the future.

Abby and I stopped in New Hampshire on the way up to Maine. We stayed at my sister Emily's home. Abigail and Cameron loved playing with each other and the dogs. I for some reason didn't get any pictures at their home. Aunt Emily posted a some very cute ones on her blog. While we were there Aunt Mikhaela let us stop by and have lunch and a tour of the campus with her. We were very lucky to see some of her great work.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Couple of Cool Videos

Everybody loves to see things blow up. Here are a couple videos of us at work.

This is a shot after we picked some stuff up out in sector. We have a pretty decent range with a 1000 lbs limit. When we approach the upper limits people start complaining. This was only a 15 lbs shot.

HME (Homemade Explosives) is dangerous because it is very sensitive. We feel bad for the neighbors but most often we have to blow up the cache of HME where we find it. People who have property that get damaged by us get compensated for it.

Remember kids; Just Say No! Neighbors Don't let Neighbors Store Explosives In Their House!

It still is pretty cool to say that you've blown up a house.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Family Photos

We hope you enjoy our new family portraits!